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6 stickers - Dye cut

- Amy Winehouse
- Ol'Dirty Bastard
- Thriller
- Heath Ledger
- The King
- Macho Man Randy Savage

Dear “Sugar High” club,
Sadly this is how it goes,
You Pay it, Grab it, head erectin’, pill poppin’, tongue ingestin’, eyes buldgin’, oozy heads drippin’, the ultimate sugar high, Don’t cry, dry your eye, here comes that prescription pushing doctor with two more rows of pills for the drill and make you fly. Biceps are pumping, Clowns are not laughing last, Ooooo yaaaa, savages are slaying the dragon, the King is back, Uncle Buck stuffing his burgers like a simple snack attack.
You want to go to rehab, we say, no, no, no, instead let’s add another row!
Once you go back, it’s wack like crack, kids stay off that head-popping jack. You live by the Sugar, you die by the Sugar. We miss you! - Tava